IPL Records from 2008 to 2017 Season
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IPL is one of the best sports league around the world and for country specific it is on the top of the table. It was started in wayback 2008. From then it become popular among cricket lovers. Not only league but cricketers are becoming popular by creating records in the IPL league. It is one the best T20 cricket league among other T20 tournaments. There are so many bowlers, batsmen, wicket keepers and fielders who gave their best to gave a win to their IPL teams. For now its been almost a decade and they are performing year over years. Some got retired but new comers are helping IPL league to be on the top by their performances. Each year IPL records are broken and new IPL records are coming. That is why we are here to help our cricket lovers by giving updated IPL records. We are giving quick updates on each IPL records listed below.

IPLT20 Records from IPL 2008 to IPL 2017 is been listed below: